I´m Matthias Hombauer, I spent years as a frustrated Ph.D. student in molecular biology, until I discovered my passion for concert photography and began to shoot exclusively for my favorite bands. Now, I am an international acclaimed Rockstar Photographer, working with artists like Iggy Pop and The Prodigy.

I believe concert photographers who want to stand out in this overcrowded industry must not only learn the technical skills of a photographer, but also the marketing and business skills.

How can you archive your dreams and live your passion without any professional photography training…without any knowledge of the music industry…and without the time to figure out the way by yourself? You go to school, study hard, and have a day job and/or a family, so how should this work?

Instead download my ebook here (it´s free) and get the latest news and tips on how to become a Rockstar Photographer. I also started from scratch and will share my experience, and tactics that work, to kickstart your concert photography career.


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„Thank you so much Matthias! I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to take your advice and request photo passes and be approved. Your teachings are working!! I was an artist for 10 years and never had this much satisfaction. I owe you greatly“ – Andrea


Matthias Hombauer Interview

Music Photographers Life

The awesome video about my music photographers life is online! Watch it below and read my interview from being a […]

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Nine Inch Nails; Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

Black And White Photography For Concert Photographers

Have you ever been frustrated by how your photos turn out after shooting a concert in low-light situations? Most of […]

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A Festival Full of Challenges: Francofolies 2015

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity of working together with Instagram to cover the Francofolies Festival 2015 in France. It´s […]

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